Friday, September 24, 2010

Lt.Smt.Gavri Devi


Gavri Devi  [14th April 1920 - 29th June1988] was a folk singer from Rajasthan, India.
Occupation = One of the most successful, disserving singer of Maand  style of singing.
Other style of singing = Thumri, Bhajan , Ghazal and folk songs.
Apart from giving stage shows in Rajasthan she gave her performance in Orissa, Karnatka,Tamilnadu,Maharashtra & Kerla .
When INDIA organized the INDIAN FESTIVAL in MASCOW (RUSSIA) she gave her special performance there.

During her journey of singing she got Raja Padak from Chennai  state , certificate from Rajasthan Sangeet Natak academy and she got bronze medal from the former president R.VENKATRAMAN.

FAMILY BACKGROUND  = Gavari Devi was an Rajasthan maand [folk] singer. her father BANSHI LAL JI PAWAR and her mother JAMUNA DEVI PAWAR they were also singer in Bikaner ROYAL FAMILY as a DARBARI GAYAK.At the age of 20 she got married to MOHAN LAL GAMETI who was a Jagirdar in jodhpur under the rule of HH UMMED SINGH JI.
She started her carrier in front of HH UMMED SINGH JI who was the king of RAJPUTANA[JODHPUR] ROYAL FAMILY as a RAJ GAYIKA.

When INDIA got independent she gave her performance in DELHI and JAIPUR.
People of Rajasthan won’t be able to forget you because no one can ever imagine to match the talent you possessed.

Talents do die. but there echoes and legacies always live and that’s the quality you have and you had nani we miss u forever .The Kokila of Rajasthan.

The famous Rajasthani song "Kesariya balam.." is in the Maand style


Information Provided by
Sarad Pawar & Jog Shree Pawar
( Grandson & Granddaughter)


  1. Late Gavari Bai ji 's style (GAYAKI) is unparallel. No words for Saraswati ma....I had opportunities to listen to her F2F, got blessings, while I was studying in Jodhpur. (If I remember correctly, one of her son used to play Sitar@AIR ! Is your parent?) I am looking for larger collection of Gavari Bai ji (Only one LP /cassette). Is there any ws to get? Panihari, badhavo,...and lot more...I really miss. Let me know please, if collection is availble some where. I am ready to pay.

  2. Nice to see ur msg that person of whom u r talking is her daughter's son (our mother's brother ) if u want to know about her then u can join her fan page at facebook

  3. Hi I wanted write about Gavari Bai ji on my website..could you please let me know how can contact you.?